Hearing Facilities

The PCA has several spacious and well-appointed hearing and meeting rooms at its headquarters in the Peace Palace in The Hague, built for the PCA from 1907 to 1913. An additional hearing facility, comprised of a hearing room, several breakout rooms, and an arbitrator deliberation room, is available in the Hague Academy Building annexed to the Peace Palace.

All of these rooms are available free of charge to tribunals in PCA-administered proceedings. They are also available to guest tribunals for which the PCA does not serve as registry under certain conditions. More information on the fees and conditions applicable to guest tribunals can be found here.

In addition to its headquarters in the Peace Palace, the PCA also has access to facilities around the world pursuant to its Host Country Agreements with Contracting Parties and cooperation agreements with other arbitration institutions. For example, the use of the facilities of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica, the Palacio San Martin in Buenos Aires, and the Guest House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hanoi are also available at no cost pursuant to agreements with the Governments of Singapore, Costa Rica, Argentina and Vietnam. There is also a new facility being established in Mauritius. In addition to the above locations, the PCA has organized recent hearings and meetings in, among other places, Berlin, Bogotá, Brussels, Cologne, Dar es Salaam, Dubai, Geneva, Houston, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, London, Miami, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, New York City, Paris, Stockholm, Toronto, Vienna, Washington D.C., Windhoek (Namibia), Zagreb, and Zurich.

See pictures below of the hearing and meeting rooms at the Peace Palace:
Hearing2_Main Hall(1)

Hearing1_Grand staircase(1)

Hearing3_Russian Vase(1)

Hearing4_Small Courtroom1

Hearing5_Small Courtroom2

Hearing6_Small Courtroom3

Hearing7_Party room 1

Hearing8_Party room 2

Hearing9_Party room 3

Arbitration Suite1

Arbitration Suite2

Arbitration Suite3

Arbitration Suite4

Arbitration Suite6

Arbitration Suite5

Arbitration Suite7