PCA Arbitration Rules

The PCA Arbitration Rules 2012 are the PCA’s newest set of procedural rules, which parties may use for the arbitration of disputes involving various combinations of states, state-controlled entities, intergovernmental organizations, and private parties.

The PCA Arbitration Rules 2012 are a consolidation of four prior sets of PCA procedural rules:

The PCA Arbitration Rules 2012 have also been updated in light of the 2010 revisions to the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and the PCA’s experience with its existing procedural rules and the 1976 UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. The PCA Arbitration Rules 2012 do not replace the previous PCA Rules listed above, which remain valid and available.

Model arbitration clauses for use in connection with the PCA Arbitration Rules 2012, which parties may consider inserting in treaties, contracts, or other agreements to provide for arbitration of existing or future disputes, are set forth in the annex to the Rules and can be downloaded from the Model Clauses and Submission Agreements link below.

The PCA Arbitration Rules 2012 were developed by a Drafting Committee of leading practitioners of international arbitration, chaired by Professor Jan Paulsson. The other members of the Drafting Committee were Ms. Lise Bosman, Mr. Brooks W. Daly, Mr. Alvaro Galindo, Professor Alejandro Garro, H.E. Judge Sir Christopher Greenwood, Mr. Michael Hwang, Professor Gabrielle Kaufmann Kohler, Mr. Salim Moollan, Professor Dr. Michael Pryles AM, Judge Seyed Jamal Seifi, and Mr. Jernej Sekolec.