02 January 2023

Appointment of new PCA co-Deputy Secretaries-General

The PCA is pleased to announce that Messrs. Martin Doe and Garth Schofield, both currently serving as Senior Legal Counsel, have assumed the role of co-Deputy Secretaries-General and Principal Legal Counsels of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, effective as of 1 January 2023.

Messrs. Doe and Schofield are two of the longest-serving lawyers at the PCA, with over 25 years of service between them, and have played a central role in the organization’s extraordinary growth and success in recent years alongside the immediate former Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Brooks Daly. The PCA is grateful to be able to call upon such highly-experienced members of its staff to assume the stewardship of the legal work of the International Bureau and ensure a smooth transition in the months ahead.

The PCA co-Deputy Secretaries-General and Principal Legal Counsels lead the work of the organization in Registry and Appointing Authority matters and replace the Secretary-General when unavailable. They also assist the Secretary-General in the diplomatic work of the PCA with its member States and other international organisations, as well as in the management of the PCA’s International Bureau, composed of over 70 professionals holding 33 different nationalities, who work from the PCA’s headquarters in the Netherlands and its offices in Argentina, Austria, Mauritius, Singapore and Viet Nam.

Read the Press Release dated 2 January 2023 for more information.