About us

The PCA is an intergovernmental organization with 122 contracting parties.

Introduction to the PCA

Established in 1899 to facilitate arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution between states, the PCA has developed into a modern, multi-faceted arbitral institution perfectly situated to meet the evolving dispute resolution needs of the international community.


The PCA has a three-part organizational structure consisting of an Administrative Council that oversees its policies and budgets, a panel of independent potential arbitrators known as the Members of the Court, and its Secretariat, known as the International Bureau, headed by the Secretary-General.

International Offices

Beyond its headquarters in the Peace Palace in The Hague, the PCA has opened offices in various cities in order to make its services more accessible in different regions of the world.

Panels of Arbitrators and Experts

In addition to the Members of the Court, the PCA also maintains various specialized panels of arbitrators and experts in connection with its specialized rules of procedure for environmental and outer space disputes.

Financial Assistance Fund

The PCA has a Financial Assistance Fund which aims at helping developing countries meet part of the costs involved in international arbitration or other means of dispute settlement offered by the PCA.

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Annual Reports

Recent annual reports can be downloaded from the following links.

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The PCA is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to serving the international community in the field of dispute resolution. It recruits and employs staff based on the highest standards of competence, integrity, and efficiency.