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07 November 2014

Arctic Sunrise Arbitration (Netherlands v. Russia)

The Kingdom of the Netherlands files Memorial and Supplementary Pleadings; the Russian Federation does not express intent to file Counter-Memorial; Arbitral Tribunal issues Procedural Order No. 3 (Greenpeace International’s Request to File an Amicus Curiae Submission).

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24 September 2014, THE HAGUE

Atlanto-Scandian Herring Arbitration

24 September 2014, The Hague - On 23 September 2014, in accordance with the Parties’ joint request of 21 August 2014 and Article 22(1) of the Rules of Procedure, the Arbitral Tribunal issued a Termination Order terminating the proceedings.

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15 September 2014

PCA signs a Cooperation Agreement with CAM-CCBC

At a ceremony held on 15 September 2014 at the Peace Palace, the Secretary-General of the PCA, Mr. Hugo H. Siblesz, and the President of the CAM-CCBC (Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Frederico José Straube, signed a cooperation agreement with the purpose of strengthening ties between the CAM-CCBC and the PCA.

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08 July 2014

Bay of Bengal Maritime Boundary Arbitration between Bangladesh and India (Bangladesh v. India)

On 7 July 2014, the Arbitral Tribunal constituted under Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in the Bay of Bengal Maritime Boundary Arbitration (Bangladesh v. India) rendered its Award. The Award establishes the course of the maritime boundary line between Bangladesh and India in the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone, and the continental shelf within and beyond 200 nautical miles.

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