OOO Manolium Processing v. The Republic of Belarus

The PCA provides administrative support in this arbitration, which is being conducted under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (with new Article 1, paragraph 4, as adopted in 2013), pursuant to Annex 16 of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union dated 29 May 2014. 

Case information

Name(s) of Claimant(s) OOO Manolium Processing (Private entity )
Name(s) of Respondent(s) The Republic of Belarus (State)
Names of Parties -
Case number 2018-06
Administering institution Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)
Case status Concluded
Type of case Investment arbitration
Subject matter or economic sector Construction
Rules used in arbitral proceedings UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 2013
Treaty or contract under which proceedings were commenced

[Multilateral treaty]

Language of Proceeding English
Seat of Arbitration (by Country) Netherlands

Mr. Juan Fernández-Armesto

Mr. Stanimir A. Alexandrov

Prof. Brigitte Stern


Representatives of the Claimant(s)

Mr. Grant Hanessian

Mr. Nicholas Kennedy

(Baker & McKenzie LLP, New York and Dallas)


Mr. Sergei Voitishkin

Mr. Vladimir Khvalei

Ms. Alexandra Shmarko

Ms. Anna Maltseva

(Baker & McKenzie – CIS, Moscow)

Representatives of the Respondent(s)

Ms. Julia Zagonek

Mr. Oleg Volodin

Ms. Marina Zenkova

Mr. Alexander Sysoev

Mr. William Grazebrook

Ms. Anna Boer

Ms. Sushruta Chandraker

(White & Case LLC, Moscow)


Mr. David Goldberg

(White & Case LLP, London)


Mr. Alexander Goretsky

Ms. Anastasiya Pavlychenko

Ms. Oksana Kotel

Ms. Kseniya Filipovich

(Advocate bureau Goretsky and Partners, Minsk)


Ms. Anna Aniskevich

Mr. Andrey Loysha

(Advocate bureau “REVERA”, Minsk)

Representatives of the Parties
Number of Arbitrators in case 3
Date of commencement of proceeding 15 November 2017
Date of issue of final award 22 June 2020
Length of Proceedings 2-3 years
Additional notes

The UNCITRAL Rules on Transparency in Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration apply. In accordance with Article 8 of those Rules, further information about this matter will be published on the UNCITRAL Transparency Registry:


Written submission
Notice of Arbitration
Respondent’s Response to the Notice of Arbitration
Claimant’s Statement of Claim
Respondent’s Application for Bifurcation on Quantum
Claimant’s Observations on Application for Bifurcation on Quantum
Claimant’s Interim Measures Request
Respondent’s Response to the Claimant’s Interim Measures Request
Claimant’s letter containing Comments to Respondent’s Response to Claimant’s Interim Measures Request
Respondent’s Observations on Comments to Response to Interim Measures Request
Respondent’s Statement of Defence
Claimant’s Statement of Reply
Respondent’s Rejoinder
Parties’ Joint Chronology of Events
Claimant’s Post-Hearing Brief
Respondent’s Post-Hearing Brief
List of Respondent's Factual Exhibits
List of Parties' Expert Reports with Exhibits
List of Claimant's Factual Exhibits
Procedural Documents
Procedural Order No. 1 (including Annex I, Timetable)
Amended Procedural Order No. 1, Annex I, Timetable B.1
Amended Procedural Order No. 1, Annex I, Timetable B.1
Procedural Order No. 2
Amended Procedural Order No. 1, Annex I, Timetable B.1
Amended Procedural Order No. 1, Annex I, Timetable B.1
Terms of Appointment
Award or other decision
Final Award (Redacted)
Decision on Bifurcation with Amended Annex I to Procedural Order No. 1, Timetable B.1
Decision on Claimant’s Interim Measures Request
Transcript of Hearing on 29 July 2019 with index
Transcript of Hearing on 30 July 2019 with index
Transcript of Hearing on 31 July 2019 with index