Secretary General

BZ_Hugo Siblesz_14682_2 360x217The Secretary-General is head of the International Bureau of the PCA. The current Secretary-General is Hugo Hans Siblesz.

Prior to assuming his position as Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Mr. Siblesz served as Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to France, Monaco and Andorra (2006-2012).

Secretary-General Siblesz joined the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1973. Among other roles, he acted as Assistant Legal Adviser, Director of the Consular Department and Director-General for Political Affairs over the course of his career.

The Secretary-General received his law degree from the Free University of Amsterdam.

Secretaries-General 1900-present

The following is a list of Secretaries-General who have served the PCA since its founding.


Baron R. Melvil van Lynden 1900-1901
Mr. L.H. Ruyssenaers 1901-1905
Baron L.P.M.H. Michiels van Verduynen 1905-1929
Dr. M.A. Crommelin 1929-1947
Jonkheer A.M. Snouck Hurgronje 1948-1951
Dr. A. Loudon 1951-1953
Prof. J.P.A. François 1954-1968
Baron E.O. van Boetzelaar 1968-1980
Mr. J. Varekamp 1981-1990
Mr. P.J.H. Jonkman 1990-1999
Mr. Tjaco T. van den Hout 1999-2008
Mr. Christiaan M.J. Kröner 2008-2011
Mr. Hugo H. Siblesz 2012-present