01 April 2013

PCA 2012 Annual Report

The PCA’s International Bureau is pleased to announce the release of its 2012 Annual Report. The Report has not only found a new format, it also presents the ‘facts and figures’ relating to the PCA’s activities in 2012 in a more readable way. Information that relates to PCA-activities in previous years remains accessible via the PCA website.

The Annual report highlights that the PCA administered an increasing number of cases, covering the full spectrum of its mandate. During 2012, the PCA administered 88 cases, 27 of which were initiated in 2012. These included:

> 6 State-to-State arbitrations;
> 54 investor-State arbitrations under bilateral or multilateral investment treaties, or national investment laws; and
> 27 arbitrations and 1 expert determination under contracts or other agreements to which at least one party is a State, State-controlled entity, or inter-governmental organization, including 1 case under the PCA Optional Rules for Arbitration of Disputes relating to Natural Resources and/or the Environment.

For the full text of the Annual Report in English and French, click here.