Deserters of Casablanca (France/Germany)

This case concerned the protection accorded by the German consulate at Casablanca to six deserters of the French Foreign Legion, three of whom were German, during the occupation of that town by the French military forces in 1908. On September 25, 1908, while the six deserters were being conducted to a German vessel at the port of Casablanca under the protection of German consular agents, the French military forcibly arrested the deserters despite the objections of the German agents.


A dispute arose between Germany and France resulting from these events, which the Parties agreed to submit to arbitration. The Arbitral Tribunal was charged with resolving questions of fact and law surrounding the events of September 25, 1908. The Tribunal ruled that the actions of the German consulate shall have been respected although the French military forces had jurisdiction in this case. The Tribunal found that there were no grounds under the submission agreement for the restoration of the prisoners.

Case information

Name(s) of Claimant(s)
Name(s) of Respondent(s) -
Names of Parties


Mr. André Weiss (Agent)



Mr. Albrecht Lentze

Case number 1908-02
Administering institution Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)
Case status Concluded
Type of case Inter-state arbitration
Subject matter or economic sector - Other -
Procedural rules 1907 Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes
Treaty or contract under which proceedings were commenced


Language of Proceeding French
Seat of Arbitration (by Country) Netherlands
Arbitrator(s), Conciliator(s), Other Neutral(s)
(1) Mr. K. Hj. L. Hammarskjold, (2) Mr. E. Fry, (3) Mr. Guido Fusinato, (4) Mr. M. Kriege, (5) Mr. Louis Renault
Representatives of the Claimant(s) -
Representatives of the Respondent(s)



Representatives of the Parties
Number of Arbitrators in case 5
Date of commencement of proceeding 24 November 1908
Date of issue of final award 22 May 1909
Length of Proceedings Less than one year
Additional notes -


Award or other decision