Financial Assistance Fund

In October 1994, the Administrative Council agreed to establish a Financial Assistance Fund which aims at helping developing countries meet part of the costs involved in international arbitration or other means of dispute settlement offered by the PCA.

A “Qualifying State” may seek such financial assistance by submitting a written request to the Secretary-General. Qualifying States are Contracting Parties to the Convention of 1899 or 1907 that:

  • have concluded an agreement for the purpose of submitting one or more disputes, whether existing or future, for settlement by any of the means administered by the PCA; and
  • at the time of requesting financial assistance from the fund, are listed on the “DAC List of Aid Recipients” prepared by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The Financial Assistance Fund Board of Trustees currently consists of:

  • The Honorable L. Yves Fortier, PC, CC, OQ, QC (former Ambassador to the United Nations, arbitrator and Chair of the World Bank Sanctions Board);
  • Sir Kenneth Keith (former Judge of the International Court of Justice);
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Kosheri (arbitrator and former Judge ad hoc of the International Court of Justice);
  • The Honorable Bernardo Sepúlveda-Amor (former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice);
  • Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf (Vice-President of the International Court of Justice).

The Financial Assistance Fund Terms of Reference & Guidelines can be downloaded from the Documents and Resources section.